With our 24-hour lifestyle, an environment with the right type and level of lighting becomes increasingly necessary in any type of space: home, commercial and public. With its fine-tuned lighting scenarios, the modern interior features a subtle mix of environment, tasks and accented lighting to perfectly balance work performance and relaxation pleasure. And what about the exterior?

Lighting manufacturers such as Delta Light offer many different exterior solutions that ensure the functionality and safety of the surrounding space of your home or any other public place. There are a lot of options for lamps: built into the ground, which, like buoys in the sea, allow you to find your way in the dark; overhead powerful spotlights that emphasize the architectural features of the building, and, of course, more "home" versions of lamps that help create comfort on your house plot.

Here are 5 reasons why the right combination of lights in the exterior is more about necessity rather than luxury.

1. Functionality

It is very important to be able to see what you are doing in the dark. At the entry/exit points of the building, suitable lighting helps people find the keys in their bag to open the door of a car, apartment or office. And a well-lit route reduces the risk of injury not only in public places, but also around your private home. After all, the last thing a tired person wants at the end of the day is to stumble over some cobblestone, getting out of the car, and break his knee.

Fighting The Darkness: 5 Reasons To Fill Your Exterior With Light!

Friends, this month we published an article about exterior lighting in the Landscape Guide of the IN/EX magazine. And in our blog we also decided to talk to you about the exterior.

2. Safety

Our mind is designed in such a way that we are always afraid of what we do not see. Even the thought that someone might be hiding in the shadows gives us a feeling of anxiety and discomfort. This is where exterior lighting comes into play, whose task in this case is to remove all shadow areas from the map (in this case, we always use calculations in DIALux).
3. Facade

You can either decorate your house or spoil it with architectural light. In this elevation highlighting task, it is always important to proceed from the facade materials used, the color, the nature of the architectural shapes, the presence or absence of any additional details on the elevation.

For clarity, we always advise our customers to try on the lamps in place to make sure they get the desired result live. It is also important to take into account and how the lamps on the facade will look when turned off in the light of day.
4. Leisure

Both commercial organizations and simply owners of private houses now use their exterior spaces for recreation and various activities much more often than before. In particular, this has become possible thanks to the use of various external heating devices (for example, an outdoor gas heater).

Street lights, combined with waterproof and comfortable furniture, can turn terraces and streets into additional living or work space.
5. Environment

We believe that no matter whether you are looking at the open space from under the gazebo, out the window or running under an umbrella, it should always be presented in the best way!
Thus, exterior light is an integral part of our life and helps to make it even more saturated, bright and comfortable.

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