In a world that is in a state of constant evolution, where advanced technologies bring new ways of interaction and experience, we know that the physical need for buildings for living and working will remain. Instead of remaining static, buildings are increasingly becoming a reflection of what people crave in their daily lives, and a response to many new economic, environmental and social movements.

Office buildings have undergone many transformations over the years. From large private offices to private closed workstations and to the recent opening of an office that encourages collaboration. The headquarters has dematerialized over time, now it is divided between an office, a house and a third place. Only happy employees are effective. Proper lighting is crucial in this process, since color affects almost all vital processes in the human body, and also affects the performance, health, safety and sense of well-being of people. The quality characteristics of the light are crucial, as well as options for adapting lighting conditions to the environment and personal needs.
The Solidscape system, developed by Delta Light in collaboration with UNStudio, offers various sensor options that allow you to create user-oriented spaces. The goal is to create flexible lighting landscapes that respond to the constantly changing needs and actions of the user, where the design is no longer imposed by designers, but is directed by the user, which leads to the emergence of adaptive design.

Most recently, Delta Light, together with the studio UNStudio, released a new lamp for office spaces

Soliscape - the era of responsive design by Delta Light

"We believe that human health and well-being are the impetus for a new era of design, and that the introduction of new technologies into the artificial environment plays a central role in this. I am not interested in hardware or software, but in how they can be applied in architecture and urban design to improve our daily life." Ben van Berkel from UNStudio.

Source: website Delta Light