Very different in design, functions and characteristics, a reading lamp should create an ideal place for concentration. It should illuminate a small area with warm diffused light at a close distance, allowing you to focus on the page, but the light should not be too intense so that you cannot fall asleep for several hours. In addition to providing effective lighting, a reading lamp should bring an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to your space. We have selected a number of lamps from the Spanish factory Vibia, which are both practical and stylish and give a soothing glow to any interior.

One of the options is a wall sconce. The Dots reading lamp, designed by Martin Azua, is a compact round lamp that provides effective focused illumination. It can be placed in the corner of the room, tilted over the bed or directed to a comfortable chair where you like to spend time with a book.

6 Reading Lamps For Long Autumn Evenings

Autumn is always a time to immerse yourself in a good book. A good reading lamp is an indispensable thing that will help you make the maximum of these long cold evenings, creating ideal conditions for simple reading pleasure.

The refined and discreet Pin wall lamp is an ultra—modern design by Ichiro Iwasaki. It is ideal for reading late at night, as it allows you to adjust the light intensity, so you can choose a brighter beam to illuminate the page or a softer glow to create an atmospheric mood.

The collection offers seven unique options, each of which features a perfectly integrated LED light source and is available in four elegant finishes: black, white, cream and green.
The Suite wall lamp collection, designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritsell Vidal, will also serve as a convenient storage place. Depending on the desired effect, the user can choose one of various models: a simple shelf, a shelf with a discreet reading lamp, a shelf with a glowing stone or a wall sconce.
Ideal for passing the evening on a cosy sofa or chair, Arik Levy's North Floor pendant light is a structure that connects the floor and ceiling with three separate components: a triangular lampshade with an LED light source, a thin leg and a floor-level counterweight. In addition to its stylish silhouette, the North Floor pendant light is highly adaptable, allowing the reader to direct light precisely to their page.
For sophisticated personalities, we have an option in the form of a Mayfair table lamp, which is an alternative to the traditional 19th century bouillotte table lamp. This work by designer Diego Fortunato is distinguished by an intriguing play of straight lines and curved contours, combining a modern approach to aesthetics with advanced technological features. A powerful LED light source and the ability to adjust brightness make this lamp ideal for immersion in this season's bestseller, and six bright finishing options promise to bring a touch of freshness to a modern interior.
The Mayfair Mini model with perfect proportions emits diffused descending light, ideal for immersing yourself in your favorite classics in the wee hours. Four glossy finishes create an informal combination with the exquisite shape of the lamp, and the hole in the upper part of the lampshade balances the brightness from below, giving a subtle radiance to the leg from above.
The portable Mayfair Mini, which is easy to take with you, is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be moved exactly where it is needed. Take him outside to enjoy a relaxing evening in your garden, or take him on vacation to read late at night by the pool. Regardless of whether you are interested in crime, fiction or fantasy, Mayfair Mini will bring you a feeling of warmth and comfort, wherever you suddenly want to read.