The staircase is the central pillar of your home, connecting space and people together. In most cases, lighting on stairs is not just a decorative theme, it also performs a very real function in terms of safety. Glare should be avoided in illumination and also lighting maintenance should be considered.

1. The first, most obvious and classic way to illuminate a flight of stairs is to use wall lamps. It is important here to install them in such a way that they do not physically interfere with movement and do not blind passers-by.

7 Ways To Light Up Stairs

When choosing stair lamps, the key elements to consider, along with the finish and texture of the materials, are the staircase design, its structure, and the desired effects to be achieved by lighting.

2. The second way is to illuminate the steps using small built-in lamps. Adds graphics and sculpture to your ladder.
3. An original way – you can create a series of niches in the walls of the stairs and highlight them (for example, from above with built-in dots). Unobtrusive diffused light will fall on the steps.
4. For stairs with an open ascent, the light source can be hidden from prying eyes under each step. When the light is on, a beautiful soft floating effect is created in this case, and beautiful shadows appear on the wall under the steps.
5. For the more daring – play with profile systems! Here, as you want – you can draw vertical and horizontal stripes on the walls, you can also place them diagonally.
6. Another way to add localized light to the stairs is a hanging lamp in the center, which descends between the flights of stairs.
7. At the end of our chart, we attach a method with which your builders may have to "sweat" — this is contour illumination of the entire staircase. It can be both on the steps themselves (in the steps or the wall next to them), and on the back of the ladder, as in the example in our pictures.