Outdoor lighting tends to be separated into two main categories: independent, decorative luminaires that have transitioned from the indoor environment, and urban, architectural lighting that you'll find illuminating a walkway or integrated into the structure of a space. Class by Vibia merges these two typologies: rather than silently integrating into the outdoor environment, it stands handsome and proud, radiating with soft, enveloping light thanks to the LEDs encased within its diffuser.

Pure in form, the fixture's striking presence is characterised by a durable shaft with an industrial aesthetic that curves gracefully over to embrace the diffuser from above and below. The matte black of the aluminium contrasts with the smooth surface of the glass, resulting in a satisfying combination of textures.

Autumn Walks – Exploring The Exterior Light

We review exterior lamps from Spain, Italy and Belgium.

Class is available as a wall sconce or floor lamp of various heights and with a choice of individual or double asymmetrical diffusers. Surface mounted, the driver remains neatly hidden from view across the collection.

Another great example for your exterior lighting design is Bazil by Delata Light. Bazil is characterized by an aluminum disc which holds a ring of leds, supported by a softly curved body that serves as a reflector, combining design and functionality. The result is a pleasant, soft light that poses no risk of dazzling. The large and more robust model fits perfectly around office buildings, public buildings, hotels and grand houses. Bazil comes in different colour combinations, including Delta Light's unique dark grey.
The Belladinotte outdoor lamp by the Italian factory Davide Groppi is a surprisingly simple and effective solution, the lamp is disguised by a mirror panel in which the surrounding trees and bushes are reflected!

We remind you that not all of our partners' park lamps can survive the Moscow winters well. Be sure to consult us before buying.