The project, curated by Studio Peregalli, decorates the view of the marina with its traditional Ligurian architecture, adding a dynamic, universal rhythm to the space.

Accent lighting of the tables was chosen as the main lighting scheme, which gives an additional atmosphere to the interior. The effect is achieved through the use of Mira R and Nulla lamps. A special version of the portable TeTaTeT table lamp by Davide Groppi, charged from the mains, is installed on the tables. This option for the Cracco restaurant has a more classic design – the top of the lamp is made in the form of a traditional lampshade.

Cracco Restaurant In Portofino By Davide Groppi

Cozy light in the restaurant in Portofino by our partner, the Italian factory Davide Groppi.

Rarefied and hidden, the luminaires blend in with the colours of the space, almost disappearing, leaving only the light and the atmosphere it brings with it.

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