Everyone used 2020 with its Covid limitations in their own way, so, for example, for Davide Groppi, this was a great excuse to slow down and rethink the showroom and at the same time make it bigger!

Davide Groppi calls its showroom "teatro". «TEATRO is the place in which we tell our story. TEATRO is the place where we represent our vision of truth and beauty». You can find such a description on the official website of the factory.

Renewed Davide Groppi Showroom In Piacenza

A short tour of the renovated showroom of the head office of the famous Italian factory Davide Groppi.

«The space is designed as a journey through our aesthetics and our meanings, from the fundamental states of light to projects in which play and irony are the very heart of the message. For us TEATRO means darkness, silence, light, emotion.
A place in which we tell our story, showing the meaning of our lamps, creations made with passion, imagination and skill, heart and mind».