We have recently realized that we have shown our showroom here many times, but did not show the most important one! The Delta Light showroom, which is located at the factory itself in the Belgian city of Kortrijk.

The showroom has huge areas, so we suspect that almost all the lamps are probably represented in its expositions!

Delta Light Showroom In Kortrijk

The Delta Light Showroom is the heart of the entire factory, which is located in the Belgian city of Kortrijk.

A special place in the showroom is occupied by compositions from Superloop, they fit very organically on any ceiling, whether white or black. Such contrasts allow the eye not to strain when viewing the exhibition – after all, it is so big, and you should be able to see everything!
We recommend that if you are ever in Belgium, be sure to stop by the showroom and enjoy the light from Delta Light. In the meantime, you can follow the link and see all this beauty in the photos.