Throughout its 30-year history, the lighting brand Delta Light stands for innovation and original design, setting market trends and inspiring not only architects and designers, but other manufacturers as well. More than a year ago, the head office of Delta Light N.V filed a lawsuit against the Russian company CENTRSVET, which sells lamps: many models of the Russian company looked like exact copies of products from the portfolio of the Belgian brand. On January 16, 2019, the Moscow Arbitration Court found that CENTRSVET had violated the exclusive rights to Delta Light design. Below we summarize the court's findings and Delta Light's position on originals and counterfeits in the design market.

Report of infringement of exclusive rights to design by Delta Light: "Delta Light NV hereby informs that the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court in case No. А40-20220 / 2018, upheld by the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal, among other things, found a violation of exclusive rights to the design of Delta Light luminaires on the part of CentrSvet Limited Liability Company (PSRN 1177746157522) As recognized by the courts, CentrSvet luminaires listed in Appendix 1 violate the exclusive rights to the corresponding Delta Light luminaires. Please note that the sale and other use of these lamps by CentrSvet LLC may be qualified as an infringement of exclusive rights and entail civil, administrative and / or criminal liability. Delta Light takes care of its intellectual property and will actively protect their rights by any stipulated by law in ways. "
Jan Ameloot, director of Delta Light, expressed the brand's position on fakes: "As in any segment of our industry, the problem of fakes is very relevant for lighting design. Unfortunately, it is difficult to resist this, because each country has its own laws for the legal settlement of copyright issues. In particular, the issues related to the patent are still being solved with great difficulties. Nowadays, copies appear and spread very quickly. There are a huge number of manufacturers, and, according to our information, only 5% of them create a unique product, while the rest follow a simple path - they repeat what the industry leaders create. Each company decides for itself whether to take a leading position.
Copy - SCOUT, original - SPY ON.
Copy - SCOUT IN, original - SPY CLIP.
Copy - SCOUT 2, original - SPY ON 2.
Copy - SCOUT TR, original - SPY ON HP AD.
Copy - GIRA, original - REO OK.
Copy - KIDDY, original - MINI REO.
Copy - KIDDY R, original - MINI REO OK.
Copy - LOFT X, original - REO S OK.
Copy - LOFT X, original - REO 2 S OK.
Copy - TEMA, original - MINIGRID IN REO.
Copy - ORBITA R, original - OREO.
Copy - ORBITA IN, original - TWEETER ST D REO.
Copy - ORBITA, original - TWEETER ON 1 REO.
Copy - ORBITA, original - TWEETER ON 2 REO.
Copy - ROTER M, original - YOU-TURN.
Copy - ROTER F, original - GRID IN TRIMLESS 1 REO.
Copy - ROTER F, original - GRID IN TRIMLESS 2 REO.
Copy - ROTER, original - GRID IN 1 REO.
Copy - ROTER, original - GRID IN 2 REO.
Copy - ROTER TR S, original - YOU-TURN.
Copy - KUB IN, original - CARREE ST L LED.
Copy - KUB ON, original - BOXY L +.
Copy - KUB ON, original - BOXY 2 L+.
Copy - KUB ON BRA, original - BOXY WL+.
Copy - ROUND T, original - SUPERNOVA XS PIVOT.
Copy - SIDELONG, original - CARREE 150.
Copy - BARREL, original - BOXY R.
Copy - HEMLINE, original - CAMUS 10.
Copy - KRATER, original - GABOO W.
Copy - ROMB, original - FORTY-5.
Copy - ZERO, original - MCDELTA.
Copy - VIOKO, original - LINK 1.
Copy - LINER, original - T-LINER.

Source: Delta Light website
People should understand that buying a fake is a crime, a violation of the law. This should be the subject of discussion at the world level."

The list of lamps of LLC "Centrsvet" that violate the exclusive rights to the corresponding lamps of Delta Light company:

Delta Light stands for the original design

Delta Light Wins Centrsvet Court Case