An underground car park was converted into a showcase for the visionary work of Diez Office during the event. A collection of eclectic objects illuminated, among others, by Plusminus the revolutionary new lighting collection created with Vibia.

Diez Office Recognised By AW As The Best Designer Of The Year

Prestigious German architecture and design magazine AW Architektur & Wohnen chooses Diez Office, founded by Stefan Diez as its designer of the year 2022.

Stefan Diez belongs to a new generation of designers who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. He has formulated 10 principles of circular design which informs everything he and his office produce. Recognising that design is an integral part of our consumer society he advocates for a more holistic understanding of the profession. The work of Diez Office is based on products considered over their entire lifespan, and afterwards. These concerns are legible in everything that Diez Office designs, from individual pieces of furniture to modular systems and lighting. Yet Stefan Diez also creates poetry and unexpected innovations within the parameters set by the office.
This ability of 'thinking outside the box' is precisely why Vibia first collaborated with Diez Office through the Guise collection. Inspired by the way light moves through matter the collection captures the ephemeral nature of light, expressed through the medium of glass.
Similarly the latest collaboration Plusminus is a toolkit that provides designers with endless creative possibilities. A conductive fabric ribbon with attachable lights can be configured with the help of specifically designed Vibia software.