We have already written here about the bedroom, stairs and small spaces, today we will disassemble the most intimate part of the dwelling – the bathroom!

Bathroom lighting is quite a complicated thing, in order to accurately determine the lighting scenario you need, first try to answer yourself the questions: when do you use the bathroom and how much natural daylight is there? Do you need mood lighting scenarios (dimmed lights, RGB)? Where in the bathroom can you need bright working lighting?

Next, we will try to give you the best ideas and tips on bathroom lighting.

1. General light

Ceiling light is a basic practical solution for all bathrooms. At the same time, we do not recommend you to hang one large lamp in the center, otherwise you will get darkened corners, which visually makes any room smaller.

Instead, opt for recessed or mounted lamps that can be placed according to your plan. For example, one lamp above the sink, one above the toilet, one next to a towel dryer and several in the shower room. And don't forget about IP protection! For example, we can advise you to pay attention to the DEEP RINGO LED IP or EN-SUITE R models.

2. Functional lighting

This applies to lighting around the mirror, as you will need a bright light for shaving, washing and applying makeup. The best way to achieve this is to illuminate both sides of the face at once with the help of pendants on both sides of the mirror instead of wall lamps. For example, you can consider the options OONO C, HEDRA C E27 or MICROSPY C.

Another way to achieve the desired lighting is a mirror with an already built-in backlight. But always avoid the lamp directly above your head, which will create ugly shadows on your face.

How To Light Up The Bathroom?

We analyze the most intimate part of housing - the bathroom and decide on the desired light scenario!

3. The magic of the spa

In order to create a magical spa effect, you may need a dim diffused light, which can be achieved by using LED strips and profile systems. Here, take note of the TAGLINE TRIMLESS WALL profile.

4. Layering

To add depth and drama to your bathroom, think about additional lighting niches in the shower (or in other places where they are).

5. Night light

The lighting, which turns on automatically at the entrance, provides the perfect light for night visits to the bathroom. Consider adding low-level recessed luminaires such as the INLET or LOGIC MINI.

6. Lighting control

Dimming and convenient control are necessary to create an ideal balance between light scenarios. The ideal solution is to use the Casambi system, which minimizes the number of wires and controls groups of lamps from the phone via Bluetooth.

7. IP protection

The picture below shows the designation of the zones according to the level of protection against moisture.

Zone 0 - inside the bath or shower itself. Lighting fixture shall comply with IP67 standard or higher.
Zone 1 - above the bath or shower at a height of 2.25 m. The lamp must meet the standard of IP44 or higher.
Zone 2 - In an area extending beyond the bath or shower by 0.6 metres wide and beyond 2.25 metres directly above the bath or shower. This zone also covers an area immediately adjacent to zone 1, along the entire perimeter of zone 1. The luminaire shall comply with the standard of IP44 or higher.
In unmarked places (where there is no contact with moisture), it is allowed to use ordinary lamps.