Traditionally in hotels, the lighting solution was two lamps on bedside tables and perhaps another chandelier in the center or a table lamp. For smaller rooms, that would be enough, but there are other lighting options that will add drama and atmosphere to your space.

1. If your bedroom has cabinets, make accent lighting for them with turning spots. You can also do without them, but in this case, do not forget to order built-in lighting of the cabinet shelves from furniture makers.

2. The bedroom cannot do without bedside lamps - these can be both classic table floor lamps and wall lamps mounted on both sides of the bed (for example, I.Cono). Also, all this can be diluted with LED tape (for example, illuminate the bed itself, niche or multi-level ceiling).

3. If you have a ceiling of a complex shape (for example, pitched), then you can experiment here – install a pendant lamp shining upwards, such a lighting "fill" with reflected light is more pleasing to the eye, perfect for a bedroom. The same technique can be done with profile systems by attaching them to beams.

How To Light Up The Bedroom?

Bedroom lighting should be bright in the morning and intimate, and atmospheric at night to provide a sense of refuge at the end of the day.

4. Contour illumination with LED strip always looks advantageous in the bedroom (for example, TAGLINE ON profile) – you can highlight the headboard, hanging bedside tables, etc.

5. If you have open shelving in your bedroom, this is a great way to add some indirect multi-level lighting. Remember: the more light sources, the cozier and more intimate the room will seem.

6. Think about an extra level of lighting by adding night lights - small, round, square or oblong, located near the floor level (like LOGIC MINI).

7. To diversify the lighting of the (children's) bedroom a little, consider a ceiling with an imitation of the starry sky! - for this, small built-in lamps are composed into one star composition (for example, MICRO SNAP-IN).