The work of German designer Meike Harde, light and materiality collide with Knit. The design consists of a single knitted lycra sleeve stretched out over a seemingly flattened spheres. Light seeps outwards through the fabric and downwards through a translucent diffuser, bathing the surrounding space in an intimate glow.

Featuring five large pendants and four oversized floor lamps, the Knit collection reimagines the traditional lampshade, transforming it into a contemporary look.
The distinctive geometry and meticulous craftsmanship of each silhouette is complemented by a seamless transition between fabric, diffuser and aluminium ring casing.

The perfect solution for professionals looking for indoor lighting with plenty of charisma, Knit is easily installed and adaptable to any space. It also features dimming control (available with Push or Casambi systems) so users can customise the density of light depending on the desired mood.

More information about the Knit family can be found in the catalog.

Introducing Knit: Reflections On Light And Materiality

Vibia continues to delight us with spring novelties - next in line is a series of lamps with the telling name Knit!