Kitchen lighting design needs to have the most flexible interior lighting scheme in the home to reflect the wide range of functions which kitchens are now used for. Kitchen lighting needs to adapt from a bright, general light for the day, especially in dark kitchens as a supplement to daylight, to children's tea and homework at dusk, to an intimate light for dining in the evening.The key to achieving this goal is the correct arrangement of kitchen lamps, and here we will analyze in details how to achieve it.

1. Accents

Do not forget to order lighting for your open cabinets and shelves, especially if they are quite deep.

Kitchen Lighting Tips

In this article we will find out what is the recipe for excellent lighting in the kitchen.

2. The location of the lamps

Spotlights are always better to place depending on the furniture of the kitchen – you will need a bright and directional light over the work surfaces and the kitchen island. We advise you to pay attention to adjustable models: for example, REO OK SOFT or TWEETER ON.

3. Kitchen island

Always illuminate the center of the kitchen island with either built-in LED lights or decorative pendants. For example, you can consider a composition of suspended MILES for this place.
4. High ceilings

If you are a happy owner of high ceilings in the kitchen, then do not hesitate to choose more dimensional suspensions, an excellent choice will be a composition from STILL, which is quite voluminous, but at the same time light and airy.

5. Additional layers

We always advocate layering and variability in lighting. The easiest way is to add some wall sconces and floor lamps to your interior. Here you can take a closer look at the OONO family by Delta Light.

6. Attic

The attic ceiling complicates the task of selecting fixtures due to its tilt, but you can easily cope with this! Moreover, we recently told you about the suspended SIMBIOSI by Davide Groppi, which just has a special mount for inclined surfaces.

7. Lighting control

Just install Casambi blocks on your lamps, and you will be able to adjust the lighting from the application on your phone, combine the lamps into groups, create and save certain scenarios for different occasions.