How to design to be on top while responding to the changing needs of users? Get to know the latest trends in the field of interiors and lighting and find out how to neatly combine them with each other!

1. Back to nature

This year's trends are inspired by nature and ecological solutions. And although this trend has been with us for a long time, it will definitely gain popularity this year. The answer to it is the japandi style, combining Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Our new colour finishes: TAUPE and TERRACOTA correspond perfectly with it, which will add coziness to the interior, while being an interesting visual accent. As standard, selected products are available in these shades, however, on request, we can prepare most of our frames in new colours or in colour mixes.

Lighting Trends 2023

Natural colours, changing the role of light, organic shapes and roundness. These are just some of the trends which will be in reinforced in the coming months. How will 2023 surprise us?

2. Place your bet on functional solutions

The coming months are characterized by functional solutions. Products that combine high technical parameters with modern design, like FLYING BALL, MODERN GLASS mini, or IKI collection, are going to be the most trendy. This is excellent proof that decorative luminaires can surprise with their performance. This makes them the finishing touch as a decoration in a stylish interior while providing comfortable light of the highest quality.

3. Fashion for comfort

It is possible to state that a sense of comfort is a timeless trend. This is particularly important in offices where many people work in one space. Apart from visual comfort, it is also worth taking care of acoustic comfort. That is when AQfelt collection comes in handy, as it effectively illuminates the workspace and, thanks to its sound-absorbing material, it reduces reverberation time, improves speech understanding, and reduces reverberation noise inside the interior. After all, excessive noise in the office is just as tiring as inadequate lighting!
4. And what about colours?

This year's choice of the Pantone Institute fell on the shade of Viva Magenta carmine red, associated with energy, courage and vitality. It works great in interiors and in art, being a distinctive accent. In order to bring out its depth, it is worth reaching for lighting with a high colour rendering index (CRI>90). Thanks to this, we will achieve the desired effect, and Viva Magenta will look exceptionally lively and joyful.

For all colour enthusiasts in the interior, selected luminaires are now available in a shade of blue-green. According to a study conducted by one British company, a mixture of blue and green has been voted the world's favourite colour. In our offer, it is also available in combination with timeless gold.