The toolkit features three namesake sticks, each of which rotates on its own axis, allowing light to be directed precisely where needed. The minimalist aluminum rods come in three sizes—1.5, 2, and 3 meters—and can be combined in any direction for a maximum length of 6.5 meters.

Because of Sticks' endless adaptability, it is ideal for brightening dead zones, such as corners, with custom compositions that include ceiling to ceiling, wall to wall, floor to wall, wall to ceiling, or from the ceiling into open space.

Personalise Corners With the Sticks Lighting Toolkit

Designed by Arik Levy, Vibia's Sticks collection offers a creative toolbox for integrating light elements in an interior by fusing space, technology, and architecture.

In a kitchen corner, Sticks is deployed by the door like a minimalist lantern. One vertical rod scales the wall, then angles out and down in a silhouette that echoes the form of the entryway.
Two simple sticks cross in this corner, creating a refined X that marks the spot like a signpost along a walking path. At once relaxed and refined, the installation emphasizes the length of the corridor and brightens the end point.
A striking composition of lean, intersecting lines occupy a corner in this small space, spanning from the floor across a wall up to the ceiling. Pure and graphic, the glowing poles produce and disrupt architectural planes while creating visual interest in a confined area.
In a windowless vestibule, three sticks are arranged along the walls, seeming to wrap the room while casting light upon the interior. One rod cantilevers up and out into the room, making the small space feel larger.
Here, Sticks straddles the corner of a media room. The design zig zags across two walls, connecting them in a beautiful geometry that recalls the look of an avant-garde harlequin. Stationed along the walls and the ceiling, it creates the feel of an illuminated, floating sculpture.

Source: Vibia website