Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, this portable lamp stands out for its sophistication and creates an unmistakable connection with ancient artistic drawings. The anthropological metaphor of its silhouette makes a striking impression in any space. When several lamps are grouped together, the design comes to life and acquires a new compositional value, the figures become a couple, a family, a community.

The lamp is available in two sizes and 4 shades. Controlled by a simple push of a button on the head, the replaceable LED light source provides three levels of illumination intensity, smoothly adapting to the user's desire. To recharge the lamp, you need to put it on an aluminum base, which is its elegant continuation.

More information about the Africa family can be found in the catalog.

Sculpting Light: Introducing Africa

Our partners, Spanish factory Vibia, have wonderful news – the launch of a new lamp called Africa!