The first meeting can be held either at the construction site itself, or in our office (or in your office) according to the plans printed on A3 (with dimensions). During this meeting, each room is examined in detail to determine the correct number of circuits and the position of each light source, as well as to provide a multi-level and attractive lighting scheme. At this stage, it is necessary to establish how the lighting is controlled-manually (from switches or by other methods (Homiq, Casambi, etc.) Smart Home system). The more information is presented from the very beginning, the better: the layout of furniture, decorative finishing, details of carpentry, the location of paintings, the height of the kitchen, the dimensions of the bathroom and shower, as well as the landscape plan with plants (if we are talking about street lighting) is important. A well-detailed project is extremely useful for minimizing the need for too many changes. However, clients can come with less information, then the light consultation will become a starting point for them in improving/finalizing the design of their space.


After the first meeting, a detailed lighting plan is marked up, containing all the important information. Depending on the need, various schemes are shown, grouped by load type/lighting functions. Each individual lamp is assigned a specific position.

Drawings can be made either manually or in CAD. These drawings are accompanied by a detailed written specification, which should be read together with the drawings. If necessary, technical data of individual lamps are also provided, as well as a letter outlining any important points for further consideration. On request, for greater clarity, we make a lighting calculation in the DIALux program.


Inevitably, changes may be required during the approval of the project. It is important that notifications about changes in the project come to us on time so that we can adequately assess how much they affect (or do not affect) the lighting plans.


It is always useful to meet with an electrician on the spot before starting repair work. This helps to prevent errors and additional costs. This is also an opportunity for the contractor to directly contact us for any questions that he may have regarding the installation of our equipment.


This is an exciting and fun part of any project. We advise on the advantages and disadvantages of specific lamps. For accurate positioning of them in the interior, we can make drawings, sketches of 3d on request.


Commissioning plays an important role in improving the final effect, and it is best to do this in person in the evening, when the object is finally completed (furniture, paintings, etc.), the correct grouping of lamps is considered, as well as in places where rotary lamps are used, we check that they are installed and positioned at an angle in accordance with the plan with the lenses specified in the project (if there are). At this stage, a list of problem areas that still need to be finalized will be compiled. There is also a demonstration and configuration of the operation of Smart Home systems or Casambi (if any).


If you are going to buy the equipment of our partners from us, then we carry out the maintenance and calculation of the project for free.

We also provide paid consultations on lighting on equipment, the quality of which we can vouch for. For more details, please contact us.

How do we create our projects? A detailed description of the work process can be found in this article.

The Process Of Working With Our Clients