The ceiling lights by Vibia are different in their meaning, shape and content. They rank from high-tech mounted lamps to romantic central pendants. All this is combined with innovations in material, shape and light effect.

Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, Flat creates a magical lighting effect without glare. The elegant but strikingly graphic Flat is made of metal planes arranged at different heights. The surfaces of these planes reflect light, projecting an enveloping radiance in the surrounding space, which seems to come from inside the lamp itself, hovering overhead.

Vibia And Its Iconic Ceiling Lights

Just think about how often do we usually look at the ceiling while entering a room? Most likely really rare. And we do not expect, looking up, to see under the ceiling a real piece of art and an icon of modern design. We promise that with these ceiling lights by Vibia, you will never want to take your eyes away of your ceiling.

The Top lamp is a modern reinterpretation of a timeless ceiling socket - a pair of simple circles complemented by an LED lighting source. The idea of this lamp belongs to Ramos & Casals and, as in the case of Flat, the reflected light reception is used here, which is much more pleasant to the eyes in the interior.

Presented in various pastel colors, the Top collection brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to any space, from living and dining rooms to work areas.
Ramos & Bassols also designed another ceiling light for Vibia called Duo. This is an impressive combination of warm wood and industrial metal, inspired by the fashion for natural materials and environmental friendliness.

The Duo has been specially designed for rooms with low ceilings where suspended lights are not suitable. The Duo's design looks harmonious, and its shape is smooth, has no rough seams, its satin diffuser emits a soft, diffused light.
And finally, we left the most interesting example of our chart - the Structural lamp by the designer Arik Levy. Combines two basic geometric shapes – a line and a parallelepiped, has a powerful light flux. It is suitable for absolutely any category of spaces, looks great in office meeting rooms and in minimalistic living rooms.